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Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Art Fairs


I noticed you came by my online store and entered the monthly $500. Giveaway, Good luck winning.

Like to mention that I started out with traditional Landscape Paintings here: did quite well in art galleries and art fairs.

Then over the years, the art world shifted towards modern paintings that even a 14-year-old or granny can produce swishing and pouring onto a canvas.

Now, 3d art is popular and people pay good money to get it.

ArtNews and Newsweek reported
Maurizio Cattelan Is Taping Bananas to a Wall at Art Basel Miami Beach and Selling Them for $120,000 Each
"The banana," explains the artist, "is supposed to be a banana."

Sarah Cascone, December 4, 2019 Google it here

Now Make a comparison presenting my work with a Banana here

Art Fairs

Cindy Sherman Has Unveiled Her First Non-Photographic Works at Art Basel Miami Beach: Tapestries Based on Her Instagram

By Sarah Cascone

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