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Make Money With Our Affiliate Partner Program

Affiliate introduction, I'm  proud to present a 20 % payout 

Join Art Lovers Affiliate Program

Now, Earn 20% Commission


Lady with Cash for Affiliate Program

 How Does it Work  For Me?

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Ladies, You Love Brilliant Fine Art Don't You? So do your friends!
We are offering you a 20% commission. Click, Show, and Tell, your friends about original art, including tools to promote.
Products are available in Contemporary Or Traditional Original Paintings 

  • Sign up for Free using the form. Check your mail or spam filter for the affiliate link

  • Share your unique affiliate link via marketing tools, email, and social media, to drive traffic to our site.

Generate sales and get rewarded up to 20% commission on every sale!


Offer Your Customers Incentives To Increase Commission
1) Our Sales prices for original fine art, are reduced by 50% to 70% from the original gallery price, this is huge to promote to US customers only. Our Affiliates don't have to sell, just SUGGEST AND SHOW Yes, whenever you associate with friends talk about the Contemporary Or Traditional Fine Art you discovered, and how it would look, and elevate your friend's home decor.

2) Go to our online art gallery websites look around and soak up all the information, art, sizes, and prices. >> are the products  and are the products<< The how-to, and tools are available to you below!

3) A conversation, suggestion is to contact a circle of friends office workers email friends, and social network acquaintances, that you already have, and mention you are a partner affiliate in 3 online art galleries featuring original art paintings. Ask a question: DO YOU LIK ART? Ask if they prefer Modern or Traditional Fine Art. Use your phone or better a tablet to show the art!  . Seasonal events are an easy introduction, weddings are a winner, more info on the next page. Offer a 50% Reduction on All Hand Painted Artwork. 


4) Mention all original artwork is insured and Free Shipping is included on items over $500. 


  • You’ll earn a 20% Commission For any Sale, and offer a 50% Reduction on All Hand Painted Artwork. 

  • Questions contact Bernie Habicht the artist and creator of all original paintings at  

  • We will give you all the resources you need to succeed including promotional materials. 

You’ll get commissions paid out monthly. You Need Tools, We Got Them For You. IS A FREE TOOL For Social Media Marketing It Works!

Sample products below

Original Art Paintings
Large Modern Painting On Wall

I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. This is the place for you to tell your site visitors a little bit about you and your services.

Here Are Our Services 

Sign-Up Today! 
Join The Art Lovers Affiliate Revenue Team Today!
Earn 20% Revenue Sharing On All Art Work Sold.

Offer Your Customers Incentives To Increase Commission

Sales prices are reduced by 50%  

More Inspiration

 Elephant Painting on a Wall

Where Do I Start To Make Money?

Now that You are eager to drum up some extra income and have some fun doing it, let me introduce a sophisticated opportunity great for gift-giving and referring beautiful art to just the right people. The promotion and referring is endless,  holidays, birthdays, weddings, new homes, tired walls, needing a facelift, buyers the list goes on. It is Free to join the AFFILIATE Partner opportunity, simply to let people know that you are passionate about the Art Gallery, and use your Instagram followers, Social Marketing Posts, even PPC Bing, Yahoo, Google free posting, and 50 Free Places To promote the Affiliate Program  Instagram Micro-Influencers. Or stay-at-home Moms, Twitter Influences with about 50,000 followers would be a good start. Affiliate Marketing Tools

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