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 # 1 Luxury Wedding Gift, Way More Than A Toaster,
Select Todays Best Selection For The Bride & Groom


 We have for you a bundle of Original Modern Art no one else has to give to the couple to brighten up the wedding event they will never forget.

 You won’t find Multiple Bundled Campaign Gift Package anywhere else but here.

Gifts for the bride or groom are so much fun to give. After all, there is a lot to celebrate and this gift lasts a lifetime, each original painting has a melody of its own, painted with romantic songs of recording artists!
While it does have great value and a reasonable price tag it makes a sophisticated lifetime Impression that stands out from the Toasters and Knickknacks. This artistic original work of art lives with you forever long after the toaster is toast and puts everything else into the background. Below see a selection for pricing go here

* Each Original Painting is Inspired by Love Songs from your favorite musical artists
* $200.Amazon Gift Card
*A bonus Original Painting added is a gift from the artist
Contact Bernie Habicht, 561 356 4120


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