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Large Marilyn Monrow mixed media Painting

Art Buying Secrets! Art Made In The USA, Your One-Stop-Shop 

Interior Design is at the forefront of the hottest contemporary art design trends and can keep me on the cutting edge of what is happening. This knowledge is an invaluable tool as I create weekly new art. 


 As an artist, if you’re not connecting with this vibrant group of people, then you’re missing out. Interior Designers are a witty bunch and they love to have a good time, both online and off, they have an eye for design and color and can adapt any artwork I produce in there customers wall design.

I reached out to some of today’s top interior designers and asked them for their art buying tips. I wanted to know the current trend that pleases customers


Look no further, Brilliant Fine Arts offers the best contemporary artwork you will find online. As I believe in affordability, there is a huge chance that you, will discover something you love, well within your budget. With 100% Money-Back Guarantee go ahead, purchase original artwork, with Brilliant Fine Art, you are assured of discounts from 50% to 70%. for a limited time.  

Work one-on-one with Designers to find the art you love that fits your needs, your style, your size and most importantly your budget! I have works of art from  Abstract Acrylic too Traditional Styles as well. A selection of my works is on my online gallery websites, so if you don’t find what you need simply fill out the request form below and I will do my best to assist you.

 Specializing in larger sizes of acrylic art that can be delivered in a shorter time since oil paint needs a long drying time.

I work personally with the professional interior design trade with my free art advisory service to help produce the perfect artwork for each client and each project. Unlike other artists and other art websites, I do not charge any fees for this service except a small fee for my expenses.

It works Like this

Your ideas, dimension, and budget, photo image, and what you like to see on your color wheel If you like you can email me your wall space image attachment I take your wall space set it up with a Private link only you and I  have. with your description, I  then create an acrylic painting and transpose the new artwork directly on the wall of your wall image, you either accept or have my work on changes for you to purchase. 50% deposit is required for custom work.

*Working with you to find the right solution, helping to find that perfect piece of art or create a new decor piece to fit your space is crucial.

“If you want to make a BIG impact on your space then check out some of my smaller 24’x 30″abstract canvas art in many different styles in my online gallery.

*I am able to create hard to find paintings up to 60″ × 72″

*If a large size is needed they can also be made available in triptych format, where the artwork is divided in 2 or 3 canvas sections even different sizes see the above image of 2 paintings together.

*These unique artworks can create a very dramatic and exciting change in your client's Home or Industrial space, to fit your budget.

*Since I do not have a large gallery and studio overhead you will find reasonable prices. Your work will be custom made original canvas art. Your input is welcome
I work together with your information, send you a link to my site posting steps for you to see how it progresses, since we work together on the art project you can instruct me to make changes or not to the artist's interpretation, have a look here at constant changing  samples

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