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Hi, I'm Bernie, at my computer, behind me my latest creations, as a special offer, select a painting you like, and what you are willing to offer to own a stunning work of art.

I am standing by, to hear from you. The contemporary paintings behind me are just completed and available. 


Offers are a commitment, that you will buy the artwork for an agreed-upon price. If your offer is accepted, you will receive an email with the link to purchase the artwork - it has to be paid within 3 days. Once you get the link use the info box below to make the offer.


Marilyn #1  Acrylic on Canvas  (48"x 24") $......

Top Right #2 Acrylic on Canvas  (30"x 40") $......

Top Left #3  Acrylic on Canvas   (30"x 24") $......

Bottom Right  #4 Acrylic on Canvas, John Lennon Framed (20"x24")  $......

Thomas Jefferson #5 Oil on Canvas (34"x 30") $...

Easy Monthly Installment Plan to Help You Out 

If there is a painting you like, you can make small monthly payments using PayPal or credit card. Tis helps you decorate your space while keeping your money in the pocket.


Money-Back Guarantee if You Are Not Satisfied

If you do not really like the artwork once it gets to you, you have nothing to worry about. The point of owning a piece of art is to love it.  If the piece delivered does not meet your expectation or quality standards I will refund the artwork.

At Brilliant Fine Art, we believe in the best possible customer service, which is why he ensures that every single customer is taken care of and that their online shopping experience A joy full experience!


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If you require more information, all you have to do is contact me filling out the form below.

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