HUGE Oversized Art Made To Order










 SPECIAL OFFER: Partner with me to design your work of wall space art,
I will Paint an up to  60"x 72 Canvas painting, with a small deposit, then send you a l
ive reality preview finished product, hanging on your wall of choice, before purchase. I even include small changes till you accept my work, which includes free shipping anywhere in the US.


Bring style and sophistication to your space, create visual interest, and impress your guests by adding oversized canvas art to your walls. My art is vibrant and with thoughtful design and color, unlike what I call blobs of paint swished onto the canvas. Available are single canvases 60"x72" or Diptychs of several canvases put site by site, to cover a whole wall design.



  • 100% hand-made original paintings on canvas.

  • UV protective Glossy Varnish.

  • Certificate of Authenticity, Hand-Signed CertifieThese HUGE canvas paintings  will be shipped rolled in a sturdy tube

There is a choice I can offer

Special custom orders are painted on  Professional Genie Collapsible Canvas, see video below.

Eliminates huge bulky wooden create at substantial expense.

*A video shows you how the painting in the tube is restored in under 5 minutes to see the video.
These Genie Collapsible Canvases make it a breeze to get full-size large paintings from one place to another.

See Video:  Genie Canvas Collapsible Canvases is the answer. Assembled easily in less than 5 minutes, using no tools, or staples thanks to folding Velcro over 2 left and right bars, below are some sample dimensions.


Made-to-order traditional acrylic  art on canvas art drying period is between 2 weeks

**** If You prefer 4 Canvases 24"x36"(Triptych)  That are, 8 Feet x 3 Feet, or 96"x 36" Canvas size when put together.


All acrylic artwork has a beautiful protective glace over the canvas for a finished look. 

Also before you choose I will digitally hang your selection on
your wall space to see it virtually on your home or office wall space. 

07501-2448 Collapsible Canvas 24″ × 48″ $689. sale 
07501-2460 Collapsible Canvas 24″ × 60″ $799. sale
07501-2472 Collapsible Canvas 24″ × 72″ $849. sale
07501-3636 Collapsible Canvas 36″ × 36″ $789. sale
07501-3648 Collapsible Canvas 36″ × 48″ $898. sale
07501-3660 Collapsible Canvas 36″ × 60″ $989. sale
07501-3672 Collapsible Canvas 36″ × 72″ $1,189. sale
07501-4848 Collapsible Canvas 48″ × 48″ $1,259. sale
07501-4860 Collapsible Canvas 48″ × 60″ $1,289. sale
07501-4872 Collapsible Canvas 48″ × 72″ $1,649. sale

07501-1660 Collapsible Canvas 60″ × 60″ $2,400. sale
07501-1672 Collapsible Canvas 60″ × 72″ $2,420. sale 


ALL ORIGINAL GENIE  CANVASES are FREE Shipping and restored in 5 minutes at your destination



Pricing is subject to change depending on requirements. For original or reproduction print on canvas go here.

Simply fill out the form here below the page, I will respond within 1 business day.
If you do not hear back from me within 1 business day please feel free to phone me at

1-561-684-0383, Cell 561 356 4120 as your email may not have been received.

collapsable artist canvas
Colapsable artist canvas in a tube


This is how it works, let’s say you wanted an original, Large Size, painting shipped to you free of charge.

After the work is approved and ready to be shipped, please watch the video, I use a Genie Collapsible Canvas used for Offices Homes or Interior Designers...Wood bars attached on 2 sides depending on the size of the canvas the rest of the bars snap-in see the  Video Here 


The canvas is rolled in a fitting tube and in a snap put back to its original size from tube to wall in minutes, thanks to yes, Velcro.  No staples or tools needed. No shipping hassles building a large heavy, wooden crate that cost a fortune to build, and a shipping fortune to send across the country can be solved. 

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