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Florida Everglades

Original Florida Everglades

You will find the largest wetland in the world in South Florida, called the Everglades. Many years ago, to be exact 5,184,000, at that time 1/3 of this wetland covered the state of Florida. ( if you go even further back in a time machine, Florida was part of Africa in an area close to the present nation of Senegal, so Geologists believe.) The Twentieth Century brought a population explosion to Florida with roads, railroads, and shopping centers, and thanks to the protected areas we still enjoy this wonder of nature. The Everglades consists of a shallow sheet of water traveling through the marshlands also called River of Grass where countless animals find refuge. By traveling to these areas from north to south I have captured with my paintings this natural wonder. What More reliable way to experience joy than to contemplate Nature. Hopefully, my paintings will be around until the next ice-age and Florida will be back under water.

 More original oil on streched canvas of work have been sold, but now available as Giclee here What is a Giclee or Limited Edition click here and find out what you see are reproductions of Original Paintings I produced and sold, from these original oils I now have Reproductions or Giclees  at redicules low prices some are retouched or enhanced by the artist, and only available in a limited number signed by the artist. Sold

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