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1.5 Million $900,00 $875,000 $750,000 $450,000 Sold Paintings at Major Art Shows

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

YOU ARE PAYING FOR A NAME NOT QUALITY We are talking Millions my friend

Zwirner had a successful first day as well, as a Bridget Riley painting sold for $1.5 million. The mega-gallery also managed to find two buyers for the $450,000 new paintings by Oscar Murillo, who is in the news as one of the four artists who will share the 2019 Turner Prize, after the nominees banded together to demand that they be awarded together.

A few booths away, David Kordansky sold works by Sam Gilliam for $900,000 and $875,000, as well as a Jonas Wood for $750,000. Bernie be humble give a discount sometimes

At the Pace Gallery booth, Marc Glimcher reported that more than 20 works had been placed just in the fair’s opening minutes, including two works by Robert Rauschenberg that sold for almost $1 million, a new Loie Hollowell painting that was purchased for $250,000 as a promised gift to LACMA, and two works by Sam Gilliam (clearly an in-demand artist), both for $180,000 and both going to collectors in Washington, D.C., the artist’s hometown. But nothing compares to Basel Miami. If there’s only two fairs I’m going to, it’s Basel Miami and Basel in Switzerland.

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