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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Interior Designer Service

One of my latest creations I used a Genie Collapsible Canvas shown above and below painted on 24″ x36″ canvas miraculously puff, is reduced to lower shipping charges coast to coast. Who doesn’t like that?

The Genie Collapsible Canvas comes in a tube (video Included) and puts up in under 5 minutes, great and inexpensive for shipping coast to coast. I use it only for custom made Acrylic commission orders, has no staples, needs no tools, add side & posts in the slot, velcro it, and it’s done.

Everything you need comes inside a reusable mailing tube — a blank canvas, a collapsible frame, a pre-made hanging wire with D-rings and screws, plus all the padding and packaging supplies you need.

Simply assemble and paint the canvas, then pack and ship it to your recipient, who reassembles the painting on arrival. Genie Canvases assemble easily in less than five minutes, using no tools. The substantial 10 oz, 100% cotton canvas is pre-primed with gesso to reach a 13 oz finished weight, so it’s ready to paint right out of the box.

Stretcher bars are made of 1″ (25 mm), 18-ply Baltic birch plywood — fantastically strong, stable, and resistant to humidity in comparison to solid wood stretchers. Genie Canvas offers an enjoyable, foolproof process from start to finish, and shipping is usually less than $30, depending on canvas size, to any location in the contiguous 48 states via US Postal Service Parcel Post. See below

See Video:  Genie Canvas Collapsible Canvases is the answer. Assemble easily in less than 5 minutes, using no tools, or staples thanks to folding Velcro over 2 left and right bars, below are some sample dimensions.

If you want to make a BIG impact on your design space, then check out my NEWEST abstract canvas art from my Abstract Energy Art Gallery. From 20″x24 up to 48″x 60″ or beyond.

Since abstract art is a favorite accessory tool for Interior Designers, I am able to produce ORIGINAL Abstract Acrylic Art in a short time span to fit your needs, You set the budget, I work with you.

Sizes are from, 20″x 24″ to 48″x 60″even 72″ yes, wide made to order paintings just for you and can be delivered from coast to coast, at ridiculous numbers. 24″x30″ are always available in my art studio.

I consider it a great privilege to collaborate with designers and consultants to accommodate all projects in terms of size, color, or unique site-specific installations.

========================//=========================== Bernie Habicht 1160 Summit Place Circle, West Palm Beach, Fl, 33415 USA

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