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I don't like modern art scribble do you?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Mina Timotijević, Creative Assistant & Content Writer at Birmingham, AL (2017-present)

Look, this is how it is. There is, and there has been throughout history a lot of talented artists. ALL of them can paint a perfect realistic picture. And the sun and some palm trees will always be sun and some palm trees in realistic painting.

The paintings that are the most valuable, the Van Goghs or Picassos that are worth millions upon millions, are the ones that were so unique that they moved boundaries and revolutionized the art world. Shit, Van

Gogh was so ahead of his time, he didn't sell a single painting in his lifetime and died dirt poor. But he was brave enough to put his unique vision out there, and the reward is eternal fame to his name. Realistic paintings are valuable too, but back in Michelangelo's times, when not many painted as realistically as him. my other realistic work is here,,com

It's all about the context, social, economic, artistic, too. If I painted random "scribbles" as you call them, it wouldn't be worth cents. But if I made an abstract painting, as a carefully developed expression of my own aesthetics and inner world, and if it contained links (visual links, or quotes if you will) to other famous pieces of art, if it communicated well with the times and the art scene, it might.

Picasso said: "I could paint like Michelangelo at the age of 12. But it took me a lifetime to learn how to paint like a kid." What this means that it's not that hard to master the (realist) techniques required for realistic art. Not really.

That's why the value is only mediocre. But it is really hard to embark on a journey of finding your own expression, personal archetypes and symbols, your own aesthetic AND to stay true to it and endure all the doubts and haters. Not all "scribbles" are famous and worth millions. Just the bravest ones, hold it look ant my modern Magically panted Modern art the way I see it and put on canvas,

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