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My Story

Important Abstract Art Paintings, & Things to Consider

Abstract art is a free expression of inner emotions that can be expressed on a canvas using lines, shapes, colors, and textures, even celebrities. Some abstract art portrays objects that have been "abstracted" from the landscape, city scenes, and seascape, while other abstract paintings ( 90% in my opinion) can be totally detached from any reference to our visual world. Again, it also depends on an individual's taste in art.

These usually are expressed by random splashes of paint, shapes, and lines. Large-scale abstract paintings tend to have a bolder statement in decorated spaces and affect the room's atmosphere and vibrancy.
*Some original works sell quickly, but a similar one can be recreated upon request in a short time to your original or smaller size. Painted on high-quality canvas and stretched over a wooden frame - ready to hang.

*Bernie the artist can also give you a better-reduced Limited-Edition price of the original.
*Size of painting
Anyone who tells you size doesn't matter is lying – at least when it comes to choosing the proper size painting for your home.

The size and orientation of the piece of art could mean the difference between looking like you've got your home perfectly designed and looking like everything was just kind of thrown on the wall without a thought given. There's actually a lot of knowledge behind choosing the right size piece of artwork for your home.
*The Size
Would you put a 5-foot-tall painting in your small hallway? Of course not! So why do so many people put the smallest little painting in the center of a huge, empty wall with nothing else surrounding it?

The size of your painting and the placement are huge factors when it comes to decorating your home properly. When choosing a painting to buy, look at the dimensions and then think about how much space you have to hang it in your home.

But also be thinking about the other decorations in your home as well. If you've got a big mirror placed over your fireplace, you won't want to have a huge painting taking up the other wall entirely. Make sure that the size you choose works with the other decorations in your home to balance everything.


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