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You are not alone let me show you...

Let’s say you move into a new house or apartment, or office space.

your walls are empty, you need to make an impression.

Shopping for art is pain…going from place to place. can be a chore. What about style, do I want landscapes or contemporary wall covering.

You will have to consider the price, colors, and size of the artwork that fits well.


Let me help, first contacting me, Bernie the artist at his studio for consultation might be a step. Also going here to look whether you need traditional or modern art that makes you and your partner happy. find something you like.

I have a suggestion, need help to choose the right painting, colors, and theme for your wall space, free assistance, just take a head-on photo shot of your wall space, choose the art image you like, attache to an email to>> I then send it back digitally by email hanging on the wall with the image you send, see below sample. Bernie Habicht


*Payment assistance. A great way to purchase from my art is, using secure PayPal and make monthly payments.

*You probably noticed I reduced prices from 20% to % 50% due to studio space reduction.

*And thirdly You have the opportunity to have the same painting as a Limited Edition ready to place on your wall at almost 70% reduced


Below is a sample that could be your own home wall, I then will email back to you the image you selected to give you a feeling about colors size and interest. This service is free.


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