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Seven Rules of Facebook Marketing

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Enjoy the view

1. Invite your audience into your world. Be human. That might

sound silly, but I’ll give you some examples of really letting people into

your world so they feel connected to you instantly.

  1. Create relevant, timely, useful, and entertaining content. Your

content doesn’t need to be all four of these things at once but you do

want to remember these words as you dive into your content a little bit

more and understand how to use it on Facebook.

  1. Start conversations that matter. We need to get you in to those

conversations that your fans are already having on Facebook so I will

give you some examples.

  1. Focus on calls to action: We want more Likes, clicks, comments,

and shares. That’s what Facebook is looking for in order to push your

content out into the newsfeed more often. So I’m going to dive into

specific details throughout this training to get you more action for each


  1. Let your brand do the talking. It’s important that we brand our

Facebook Page. I’ll show you how to do it.

  1. Be deliberate and manage expectations. When someone comes to

your Facebook Page we want them to be really clear about who you are

and what you do in your business. We want to set those expectations up

so people have no question about how they can do business with you.

  1. Monitor, measure, and track. I know that you are busy and the last

thing that you have time for is to spend hours pouring over metrics on

Facebook. That’s not my style. I’m just going to give you the metrics

that matter most and make sure you understand how to track some of

the most important details about your Facebook activity. I’ll show you

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