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Nerw Discovered art news 2019

Can’t get enough? Here are the other art world discoveries covered on Artnet News this year: 

Scientists Have Found the Rare Secret Ingredient Rembrandt Used to Make His Paintings So Vibrant

Did Archaeologists Just Find the Oldest Art Ever Made? A New Study Claims Archaic Humans Designed Patterns on Bones in China

Researchers Have Discovered That the Ancient Egyptians Somehow Developed a Complex Yellow Paint Also Used by Vermeer

Egyptian Authorities Unveil Spectacular Images of a Newly Discovered 4,000-Year-Old Tomb—See Them Here

Archaeologists Were Shocked to Find This Golden Pendant of an Ancient Egyptian Goddess—in Greece

The Ancient Minoans Liked to Party Hard—and They Had Their Own 3,500-Year-Old Version of the Solo Cup

Strange Cones Depicted on the Heads of Ancient Egyptians Puzzled Scholars for Years. Now the Mystery Has Been Solved: They Were Hats

Divers Have Discovered an ‘Exceptional’ Trove of Artifacts Tied a Llama Sacrifice Ritual in South America’s Largest Lake

An Ornate Shield Found in a Celtic Warrior’s Grave Is Challenging What We Know About Ancient Combat

Researchers Discover That the Lovers of Modena, Two Ancient Skeletons Found Holding Hands, Were Actually Both Male

A 1,000-Year-Old Viking Ship Has Been Unearthed by High-Tech Archaeologists in a Norwegian Farmer’s Field

Stunning New Images of a Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Virgin of the Rocks’ Have Revealed Underdrawings of an Entirely Different Composition

An Antiques Dealer Thinks He Found the Bed Where King Henry VIII Was Conceived. It Was Hiding in Plain Sight in an English Hotel Room

Metal Detectorist Strikes Gold, Finding a Ring Belonging to 15th-Century British Courtier Wrongly Executed for Treason

Experts Have Discovered a Previously Unknown Painting by Baroque Master Artemisia Gentileschi—and Now It’s for Sale at Sotheby’s

The Smithsonian Just Opened a Manila Envelope and Discovered Four Yayoi Kusama Paintings It Had No Idea Existed

Scientists Have Found the Rare Secret Ingredient Rembrandt Used to Make His Paintings So Vibrant

A Long-Lost Cupid Is Revealed Under the Surface of One of Vermeer’s Greatest Paintings

A Dutch Conservator Made the Discovery of a Lifetime When She Found That Monet Hid Water Lilies Beneath a Lesser-Known Painting

Historians Were Unsure for Decades if This Still Life Was by Van Gogh. Then They Found a Ghostly Self-Portrait of the Artist Painted Underneath

A Drawing Found in a Queens Thrift Store Turned Out to Be a Genuine Egon Schiele Worth as Much as $200,000

An Eagle-Eyed Man Bought a $25 Painting at a Garage Sale. Turns Out It Was Worth 380 Times That—and Was Stolen in 1991

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