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Interior Design Ideas


Interior Design Ideas: If you are looking for great ways to decorate a home or office, then you know as well as I do that you have nearly countless options. There are so many ways to decorate that it can easily be very overwhelming for a client to find the right things that are in the right budget. As an interior designer, I am often meeting with clients who are overwhelmed with their options and who are having trouble staying within a budget. I often suggest art Limited Editions on canvas with frame , without frame called Wrap around giclee or even small framed Paper Prints clients. See here Signed and numbered limited editions are available for any taste and can be seen here a smart choice surprising answer for many of your clients that come with questions. They are surprised because they have never thought about the great option that Giclees offer at a fraction of the original painting. When looking at my online art store and you are interested in the original art I am able to discount drastically for the interior Designer.

Jen Bekman

Founded by Internet maven and gallery owner Jen Bekman in 2007, 20×200 was born out of a two-fold mission: to make buying art more accessible so everyone can collect and to support artists in a viable way. After working in interactive media on the West Coast for several years, Bekman returned to New York to open her own gallery on Spring Street in 2003. She soon realized she needed to find the threshold between an impulse buy and a considered purchase. If the purchase price was low enough and buying art was still perceived as a small indulgence, sheʼd be able to get art into their hands.

“We want people everywhere to have access to real art,” says Bekman. “Once we went back and forth almost 20 times with an artist to make sure the print was right. We’re in the business of selling art, not posters. That distinction is important to us, our artists, and the people who buy our art.” Her company sells limited edition, archival quality prints that are exclusive to 20×200 and offers artists a 50/50 split after costs. So far, eighteen artists have sold more than 2,000 prints each and generated more than $100,000 each in profits. The most popular fine art category is abstract, while 60 percent of sales are photography and 40 percent is fine art, including works by David Salle, Doug and Mike Starn, and Cecily Brown.

Bekman names Twitter founder Evan Williams and Lazaro of  Proenza Schouler among her clients. “The art world is starting to come around, individual dealers are seeing that limited edition prints can lead to even more sales—it doesn’t dilute orginal works, it supports them,” she explains.

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