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How To Sell Your Art Work Online

New Marketing Tactics Revealed even on a small Budget Here is what you find

  1. Learn To Market Your Art- Target Investors- Interior Designers- Corporate Art Consultants – Showcase Your Art, Prints And Reproductions, Art Courier Advice “The Complete Blueprint For Managing your Art Sales Online, Easily To Understand …

“99% of Artists Have No Efficient Way To Show And Sell Their Art Work. Here’s How YOU Can Profit “

I Will Show You How To Brand YOURSELF How To Set Up A Website How to Market your Website How to harvest Leads and what to do with the leads

If your art is not getting the attention it deserves, If you are not getting the recognition you have worked so hard for. Has a fear of not knowing where to start kept you from moving forward? then this COURSE is essential to your success. The old way of selling art just isn’t good any more Face it you need something new.

TODAY That’s all going to change

You Cannot Afford To Ignore This Course If You Are Serious Selling And Producing More Art! ——————————————————–

November 10, 2014 A Limited Time Offer Cash In On This Offer To Propel yourself into Profit

The rising popularity of the internet has seen new markets open up for artists and has given many the opportunity to reach customers with their work directly, rather than the traditional route of going through a gallery or art shows . This has been done in many ways, such as selling directly from artist websites and using my system to generate traffic, that includes many different ways to promote and sell your Art.

. This course aims to arm artists with marketing techniques, which will allow them to begin selling their art online or to improve their existing online art sales. How You Can Sell Art Online It’s important that you learn about all the Social Market places today…so that you can take advantage of it and advertise your products and services.

I Will Show You How To Use The Most Important and most profitable Social Networks where some earn $50,000 and up with Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter.,

How you can have 90 websites to place your art/ website on to be exposed, sold as original or prints and not to forget gives you a link juice back to your website, that Google loves. How To Make Your Website Sell, How to Set Up A Squeeze page That Funnels Prospecting Customers Into Your Auto responder.

Social media channels are a great way to grab attention and draw people to your website, but it’s not until they’re subscribed to your artist newsletter you’ll begin to notice measurable results in sales.

Your artist newsletter will generate more art sales because with it, you can nature your art fans overtime. You will have detailed info and examples all explained in this course.

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out how to accomplish all of the creation and promotion techniques to sell your products – while others flop. But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right promotion strategy, you can now have it inside the Artist Profit Guide.

This “Online Art Marketing aims to give artists the information they need to get their work out there to the widest possible audience and to embrace the opportunities presented by the online switch from the old days giving up 50% to the gallery . It is written clearly and concisely so that even people with no previous experience of marketing their art online should be able to understand it and implement the strategies outlined.

Here is one smart artist example: He partnered with a Wildlife Magazine non-profit and made a deal he would donate 50% of the profits to their organization for every Print sold. After the non-profit sent a series of launch emails to their newsletter subscribers, he had sold out all of the limited edition prints…WHILE simultaneously growing the email list.

Partner launches in your state, there are hundreds, are perfect for growing your own email list of fans and profiting simultaneously.

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