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Decorating A Room Using Digitally Showing Art

Updated: Jun 25, 2022


See sample above what Bernie the artist can achieve for you, of course You don't want a stranger in your room, you choose on of his paintings you like, your room, he will transform your home digitally for you free of charge. If you like the different in your surroundings you can choose to make a purchase, even pay with time payments.

Every single interior design philosophy simply comes down to one overarching idea: you must feel extremely comfortable when you are at home. Modern art can play a crucial role in creating the ideal interior space where comfort, as well as joy, can ensue. However, there are so many of us who live in small spaces.

This is why decorating a small living room using modern art can seem a bit daunting. How can you pick modern art work pieces that collaborate with the overall space without taking over and making it feel smaller? I have assembled some expert tips through which you can bring your small living room to life through modern art as the right piece can make simply any room feel like home.

Consider the Light

One of the most important elements you must consider when it comes to choosing modern art for a small living room is whether or not it has a window that lets in natural light or not. If there is a window in the room, your choice of art piece must take the source of light into consideration. Unpainted and raw canvas can deteriorate when it is exposed to direct sunlight for an extended time period.

However, generally, paintings that are created using oil paints or acrylics on canvas do extremely well in sunlight also. However, say that you are considering something a lot more delicate for a sunny room, it is important to use UV resistant paints. You can buy modern art paintings at my online art gallery, Brilliant Fine Art.

Consider the Darkness

It might be that your small living rooms receive little to no lighting. In these cases, most people consider hanging a mirror in the living room to reflect ambient light in order to give the illusion of a more spacious room.

However, the appearance of more space for you might not necessarily translate into more comfort. I advise that you skip the mirror and instead choose a luminous piece of modern artwork to help you maximize ambient light and brighten up your living room. At Brilliant Fine Art I have on offer numerous canvas oil paintings for sale which you can use to decorate your small living room.

Consider the Height

If the living room has a low ceiling you must consider choosing artwork that has vertical elements. Lines make a powerful visual statement and offer a strong focal point in the room that leads to distracting the focus from the low ceiling to the artwork.

Modern artwork with vertical elements adds height to space while also highlighting the physicality of all the natural forces used during the creation. Consequently, is the living room ceiling is unusually high choose artwork with horizontal elements.

If you are searching for the best modern artwork, my online art gallery Brilliant Fine Art is your perfect choice. Not only do I offer several pieces for you to choose from, I also offer discounts for some pieces. Visit the store and let me help you find the perfect piece for your house.

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