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Art Fair In Philadelphia

  1. Philly in 2020 – Contemporary Art Rising The award-winning, inaugural 2019 first edition made history in Philadelphia. Thousands of avid art lovers poured over the displays presented by 35 select dealers from 19 cities. These notable galleries showcased hundreds of respected artists ranging from hot up-and-comers, and solid mid-career to blue chip masters. While antiques and early American art have been popular genres the past 30 years, the buying trend these days in art is focused on contemporary works. So much the case, that even several leading Philadelphia museums are adding more contemporary shows in their 2020 schedule as well as increasing their contemporary permanent collections. 2019 Recap Video Art Savvy Fairgoers The weekend brought in many serious art patrons and established collectors from the greater region, such as The Main Line, Bucks County, Delaware Valley, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Lehigh Valley, Berks County and Downtown Philadelphia. It not only attracted hundreds of elite collectors, but those just beginning to build a contemporary art collection as well. Exhibitors were particularly impressed by how knowledgeable and attentive the fairgoers were. Both local and national gallerists were delighted to be introduced to an entirely “fresh crop” of art enthusiasts.

  2. Time to Uncover New Prospects in one of Nation’s Largest Cities 📷 Philly is a culturally driven and passionate city with over 6 million residents in the Greater Metro Area. As the second most populous city on the East Coast (and 6th largest in the US), PFAF will generate thousands of new contemporary art enthusiasts and buyers. The 2019 edition proved that this affluent, fast-growing and well-cultured base of residents are eager to discover the joy of collecting contemporary art. Although just two hours from NYC, Philadelphians have their own tastes, aesthetics and design sensibilities that are unique to the region and wish to buy locally.PFAF Executive Director, Rick Friedman, has stated, “We uncovered an avid collector base in Philadelphia that wanted and responded favorable to a contemporary fair they can call their own. Sales were strong and consistent, between the $3,000 and $30,000 level. We proved there’s a fast-growing interest and newfound demand for contemporary art in Philly. By providing locals an easily accessible opportunity to acquire important contemporary works, our fair is a perfect supplement to the long running Phil. Antiques and Art Show.”

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