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All about the division of art

Modern Art, Pop Art, is the Worst Art some people say,

but you find, it has taken over the wall spaces wherever you turn.

Here is one man's opinion

Modern Art, the supposedly modern, fancy yet simple and meaningful thing that rules the present, but is ABSOLUTE trash. But all you see today is the modern art galleries world over

First, most modern art looks boring. There is nothing special, where instead of highly detailed painted buildings it is some lines or splatters. Second, modern art has no meaning. A painting of war makes you instantly know "Hey, this is about a war of some sort, describing the intensity of the war.", but modern art is a bunch of shapes where your average person would think "Hey, those are shapes." They mean NOTHING. Third, it demonstrates laziness to me. Artists in the past spend countless hours making these beautiful pieces that would most likely be very difficult to make by the average person. But modern art seems so simple that people question how it ended up in a museum-like it is made by a third-grader.

I give you a choice below you find here>>>

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