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You Should Consider Getting An Original Creation.


Bernie prides himself on producing high-quality art that will last for years to come. Each handmade art is made in the USA. 

Every original painting purchased will be signed and dated and ready to hang when it arrives at your home. It will create a stunning conversation piece that lights up a room with brilliant colors. Comes with an application of a clear coat of varnish to be sure it lasts for decades to come.

Bernie Habicht the artist, also offers free consultations to both commercial and residential clients. Especially large scale vibrant textured art that a client wishes to order from a color chart, orders to size, and color to specification. Artwork in my online gallery is available in Original or Limited Edition at discount offering at times.

 Magic Performance For much Larger Custom Artwork Made To Order!

This is how it works, let’s say you wanted an original, Large Size, Painting from Bernie Habicht shipped to you free of charge. Let's say you need a certain Size and Color Chart with consultation no problem
See How it works


Here is How it works.

Watch the video, remember these are oversize canvas art displays
I am using Genie Collapsible Canvas Video Here  The canvas is rolled in a fitting tube and is a snap to put back to its original size from tube to wall in minutes, thanks to yes, Velcro.  No staples or tools needed. No shipping hassles building a large heavy, wooden crate that cost a fortune to build, and a shipping fortune to send across the country isn't that brilliant! Find the best modern art paintings  Here



Shop Great Deals With Discounts For A Limited Time

So why buy art from Bernie Habicht?

Here are some reasons why buying my art is a really good idea.

Art purchases direct from the artist is to your advantage.

For one thing, you are dealing with a person that created the artwork for you, someone that has the experience and put his soul into the paint on canvas forever.

I am a real person, when you own a Bernie Habicht Painting you receive an Authentication Ownership Certificate signed by the artist.

 (You contact me, I answer you personally), you can text me or you can email at:


TO MAKE A CHOICE What, When, And How, Traditional or Modern Abstract,

Not many artists are able to work Traditional and Modern abstract artwork, my training is such that I do whatever art lovers desire. To Have a peek, seeing my more lucrative art displays go here.



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