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Affiliate marketing is the process of making money by promoting someone else’s product. You build an engaged audience and find a product that resonates with your image. Then, you promote the product to your audience and earn a commission every time you make a sale. 

Affiliate marketing typically involves three parties: the merchant, the affiliate, and the customer. 


First, be enthusiastic about your love of art and about the artwork you like to promote at

Click on the home page links to get familiar with what is available to your customer.
Use a cell phone for visual, tablet, and website for presentation, it works. 

Print a business card, a good place is your local printer or 500 cards for under $10.


Your commission depends on "Show and Tell" EXAMPLE: 30" x40" Original Mixed Media on canvas painting Marilyn and John, is reduced 30% from the original sales price of $2,390. NOW to $1,673. your commission is 20% and $335. When you signed up check your email or spam folder look for your Affiliate ID# plus your credentials to see all sales, commissions, and payouts.

The customer likes the painting but can't afford it, explain your 2 options, use our Paypal System ( front page) BUY NOW  PAY IN INSTALLMENTS. Or have the same painting as a Limited Edition on canvas for $610 your commission is $122.

 Still not convinced and may purchase the Marilyn & John painting you have another option to convince that may make the deal. see the Virtual Placement.

Art is timeless as the last pitch let them sign up to win a free painting

Owning Original Art Is A Personal Statement, It Shows Who You Are


Every single piece of art we have on our website is one-of-a-kind original. It comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.  It brightens your wall space with a timeless work of art. Our original art online collection is the perfect way through which you can express your personality and impress your friends or coworker. 


 Influencers This is for YOU

Offer Your Customers Incentives To Increase Commission
1) Our Sales prices are reduced by 30% from the original price, this is huge to promote.
You make 4 sales, you are entitled to a Limited Edition Painting of your choice up to 30”x40 Canvas size. Free Shipping.

3) Make a Virtual Showing You or your customer take a cell photo of your home wall space and the name of a painting of choice, send it via email to me, I will place it on the wall space hanging over the sofa, then emailed back as soon as possible to your customer. 
Have your customer sign up to have a chance to win sweepstake a painting of my choice.


* Let’s look at some sales and income figures
  $346.original painting 20% commission you earn $69.20
  $976.50 Sale 20% commission you earn $ 195.30
  $1,673.00 Sale 20%commission you earn $334.60


Let's face it selling hair shampoo to a lady is one thing selling a $1,0000 Painting is another,

Let's look at it this way.
Men and women do make purchases however the lady of the house has more purchasing power.

The fact my last 3 art sales in my studio went like this, I noticed he was standing behind her while she made the decision to choose all 3 paintings, honey make out the check, he made out the check and we carried the paintings. 


 So when it comes to a presentation to sell artwork first see who is in charge, then get closer do selling, yes this is my favorite also, the colors would go well …when hesitation sets in say “ you also can make small monthly payments while you enjoy your art. “You will impress your friends and family with your sophisticated choice”


The Battle is not over, 3rd Say, I would like you to have the piece you know, it is 30 % of the regular price, also we can make a virtual showing having the painting installed on your home wall digitally,

Oh, really she says, yes, it takes a few days for the artist to do it for free. Then if you like it we will ship the painting to you FREE if you make the purchase. BINGO


INFLUENCER Must Relate to Art
Influencers can’t get a sample to promote unless making a purchase? Do a Virtual Showing, by placing a painting on your home wall and talk about it! <
Here is what you do pick a painting you would buy, save it on your desktop. Take a cell photo of your home wall. Attaché both, wall and art and email them to me, 561 356 4120 I will email it back to you so you can show your customers the product you sell, either on your cell, Laptop! As easy as 123.

 The best would be to have it ready at the time of the presentation, it's free to do it now!