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About the Artist


Born in Sinn/Hessen Germany, Bernie Habicht spent his early years drawing hoping to develop the talent he possessed. When he immigrated to America at the age of 20 his culinary schooling background gave him his first job as a dishwasher, then cook, worked in 5-star hotels and private clubs, chef, pastry chef, restaurateur owner.

 At 21 got married, in his spare time entered into a 5-year home study course training under famous American Illustrators and the guiding faculty of Norman Rockwell, Al Parker, Ben Stahl, Steven Dohanos, John Whitcomb, Robert Fawcett, Peter Helk, Austin Briggs, Bernard Fuchs, Harold Von Schmidt, and Albert Dorne. I received a letter from Norman Rockwell for a job well done. Here

It gave him a start to work in New York ad agencies as a commercial artist and Freelance Book Cover illustrator.

He arrived at the technique he uses today to paint his Traditional Landscapes and Modern Abstract Art. His work evolved over many years.

Now retired he works full-time creating art, exhibited in art Galleries, in Wellington, in the Wellington Art Society, Member In A Coop Art Gallery In Delray Beach, Lake Worth Art League Awards, Delray Beach Art League. Cultural Council Of Palm Beach, The Old School Square Gallery, Delray Beach City Hall, where he received awards.

He has created several online art galleries and websites for the artwork that he maintains in his spare time besides painting and marketing.

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